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Move your website to WordPress

We can migrate your existing website to WordPress. If your website is built with HTML/CSS and has no existing CMS, then we can rebuild your website in WordPress using a customizable theme such as Avada. We can also take a website built in another CMS such as Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, Magneto, Godaddy site builder, Wix, and rebuild it in WordPress.

We can also provide web hosting consulting services to determine the best hosting solution to meet your specific needs. Some factors we’ll consider is your target traffic location, email system, resource requirements, etc.

Change your web hosting provider

If you are transferring to a different web host, we can assist you with the migration process in a safe and efficient manner. We’ll make sure all existing functionality is properly transferred over, including email accounts, SSL certificate, among other things.

Don’t risk losing valuable data and website files with an improper hosting transfer. Let Proper Web Solutions complete the entire process for you, so that everything is accounted for properly.

Contact us here today or call (914) 361-5752 to discuss your project requirements and get a free estimate.