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Project Description


Meet J.O.N. Construction, Inc, a family owned construction company that has been providing home improvement services in the Lehigh Valley, PA area for over 30 years. These guys provide some of the highest quality roofing in the area, and their portfolio is impressive. Most of their business came from referrals and word-of-mouth. This was limiting their growth.

Understanding full well the importance of online marketing in this day and age, J.O.N. Construction partnered with us in September 2018 to undergo a brand new roofing online marketing campaign. This included a brand new website and local SEO marketing. The results were incredible.

Check out the before and after on their website below.




As soon as the new website went live, we already started seeing an increase in phone calls and leads. Overall, we increased their lead generation by over 300%. Now, one in every ten people who visits the website contacts them for an estimate.

Below is a snapshot from Google Analytics which shows a graph revealing the number of leads (phone calls and emails sent through website) increasing over time. A Goal Completion is either a phone call or a contact form submission.

Rapid growth in roofing lead generation after website and SEO campaign

Dave and Frank, the owners of J.O.N. Construction, had to call me and let me know how great the campaign has been working for them. They were getting calls from people with extensive hail damage, and we all know how good those leads are!

Our roofing local SEO service not only increased the number of leads they were getting from their website, but also from their Google My Business (or Google Maps) listing. In total, they received around 200 leads over a 6-month period. Check out these screenshots below from their Google My Business insights dashboard, which shows a sharp increase in the number of people finding them and contacting them.


Providing results like these is what inspires us to keep moving forward and working with more local businesses who could use our services. If you’re interested in growing the number of people finding you and contacting you for your services, do not hesitate to reach out to us for a free consultation and online marketing audit.

Feel free to call us at (914) 361-5752 or leave us a message here. Kevin will be in touch with you shortly.