How Local Businesses Can Succeed With Email Marketing (2019)

//How Local Businesses Can Succeed With Email Marketing (2019)

How Local Businesses Can Succeed With Email Marketing (2019)

There are many ways to market your local business for free or very inexpensively. Many of these methods have an incredibly high return on investment when done correctly. If you want to learn how to generate more leads for your business, then keep reading.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is our top pick for free local business marketing. It offers a high ROI potential with little effort.

Sending emails to your existing client base

You or one of your staff can easily set this up with Mailchimp, and the ROI is extremely high.

With email marketing, you can send out weekly emails to your existing client base. These emails can be promotional or informational. Ideally, you should not always send offers and pitch to your loyal clients. You should also provide useful information and advice to them in order to help them with their issues. For example, as a marketing agency, we aren’t pitching to you in this blog post, but rather writing advice on how you can generate more leads yourself.

You can alternate the type of emails you send out on a week by week basis. One week it’s informational, the next it’s promotional.

Cold Email Outreach

You can also create a cold email outreach campaign if you provide B2B services. This works by collecting emails and other information about your potential clients, and sending them an email which opens up the conversation with them.

You should not pitch or hard-sell with your outreach emails. Instead, you should offer something of value to your prospects. For example, we frequently ask our prospects if they’d like to see a free video analysis of their website and SEO.

You can provide a free report, analysis, diagnosis, case study, etc. Anything along these lines would work. The more personalized it is to your prospects, the better it works. However, you do not want to spend an hour with every prospect. So pick something that makes sense for you.

Crafting your email messages

The subject line is very important for having your emails opened. The best subject lines are attention-grabbing. One tip for getting your prospect’s attention is using their first name. People are basically programmed to respond when they hear their first name.

The body of your emails should be kept short and sweet. Don’t make them very long because no one has time for that!

Instead, offer your piece of value, briefly introduce yourself, and ask for permission to move forward to the next step.

Important Information about Email Marketing

You need to abide by the laws of the CAN-SPAM Act. This means you should have a link for people to unsubscribe somewhere in the email, include your address in the email and not write deceptive emails or subject lines among other things.

In addition, you should pay attention to your email deliverability. If your email deliverability is low, then your whole domain could get negatively impacted by being marked as spam. You can improve deliverability by verifying the emails you send to are valid through a tool such as, checking your messages for spammy words or phrases and more.

For More Help Improving Your Marketing

Thanks for reading this article. We hope that you put email marketing to use for your local business, as many have seen great success with it.

If you’d like more help with your marketing, then feel free to contact us here so that we can set up a consultation and put together a marketing roadmap for your goals.

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