Proper Web Solutions is a NYC digital marketing and website design agency. We help our clients make the most out of their online presence. If your company isn’t showing up when someone searches for your service and city, then you’re missing out on leads. Likewise, if your website is out of date and underperforming, you won’t get much results out of it. We have innovative and effective solutions to all of your digital problems. We provide website design in NYC and all across the US. Check out our full list of services below.

Local SEO

Generate more inbound leads in Google local search

Web Design

Own a strong online foothold to help you build trust with new clients


Get new clients quickly and cost-effectively with our 5+ years of PPC experience


We build custom software that streamlines your business processes

Mobile Apps

We design and develop custom mobile applications that are easy to use


We helped a dermatologist get thousands of additional inquiries with local SEO in NYC. Check out their results and video testimonial.



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Welcome to Proper Web Solutions. Our digital marketing and website design agency in NYC works with a variety of businesses from small, local businesses to enterprise organizations. We’ve worked with clients all over the country. We can improve your company’s online visibility and inbound lead volume significantly through our unique organic and local SEO methodology, website development solutions, and software & mobile app design and creation.

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Website Design & Development that will make a difference

From attracting more leads, promoting a service or product line, to improving your reputation and more

As a business competing in the modern world, owning a website is paramount for your success. However, it is important to note that it does not end at simply owning a website developed by an established web design agency in nyc. You need a way of bringing your target clientele onto your website, if you are aiming to improve your marketing & sales. No matter your strategic objectives, the design and UX of the website matters a lot in accomplishing your goals.

If you end up hiring a web design company in nyc to develop a website for you, you should ensure that you are getting a responsive website built on a CMS that accommodates your organization’s needs. In order to be truly effective, you should also have a tracking measure in place to ensure your objective is being completed.

Responsive website designs are user-friendly, and that helps in retaining your clients and potential customers. If your business has not been utilizing responsive websites, then you have lost massive traffic that you would have turned into sales. 

As a business owner, you already understand that providing customer-convenience is crucial for improving sales and making profits. That’s why it is important to have a responsive website because it makes it convenient for users to access whatever they want on your website using any device, be it a tablet or a smartphone. If your customers lack this kind of convenience from you, be assured that they are going to look for it from your competitors. 

Remember that your NYC website design represents your brand on the internet. It can build trust with customers and gain their loyalty. However, if your website isn’t responsive, the customers will lack confidence in the site because it is difficult to use. Unsatisfied customers are not good for business because they will undoubtedly share their frustration about your business with other buyers. With such a reputation you will have a difficult time maintaining and attracting new customers.

Responsive website designs are also relevant because they rank better in search engines like google. Google, which is one of the leading search engines, uses an algorithm to rank websites, and site optimization is a factor taken into consideration in the algorithm. With a non-responsive website, your site is considered less optimized, and you will end up ranking poorly. 

Another benefit of having a responsive website that can be accessed by smartphones is that you can efficiently utilize the click-to-call button. Customers can directly call you using the phones, unlike a desktop. Another cool feature that you can use on a responsive site is the google maps widget which users can use to reach your business location. 

Before the coming of responsive websites, web design companies in nyc had to code multiple pages to accommodate different screens i.e., where the pages would be viewed from considering phone screens and laptop screens have different resolutions. However, responsive sites use the same code giving users the same experience whether they are using a phone or laptop. 

If you have not upgraded your website into a responsive site yet, you do not need much convincing considering the number of benefits that you will enjoy if you upgrade. Responsive websites have better returns on investments compared to static page websites. 

How much will it cost to get a website designed for you? 

Our nyc web design rates are affordable, considering the quality of work we promise to deliver. It is, however not possible to disclose an exact amount because the costs vary depending on how you want your site to be customized to suit your business; although our prices start at around $2,000. 

If you want to enjoy the benefits of having a responsive website, please visit our contact page or call us via (914) 361-5752. This will allow us to learn about your business and to discuss your needs for the project.